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Big, Fast Info Means Clever, Fast PR & Marketing

How much information is created every day? Zettabytes. At least. I’m not sure when we’ll reach yottabytes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened in my lifetime.

If it hasn’t happened already.

Every minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. So in some ways, it’s not surprising that YouTube is becoming a major platform for viewing news. A new report from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism found that citizens are responsible for posting original videos of news events – more than one-third of the most-watched videos. Remember that YouTube is the #2 search engine. Talk about an opportunity for real-time PR.

But being fast isn’t enough. You need to be clever as well. Otherwise, how will you stand out among all this data?

If you just can’t visualize what that amount of data might look like, this infographic can help. Paris, here I come.

A Day in the Internet
Created by: MBAOnline.com

The Science of Viral Videos

It’s Friday, so what better topic to discuss than viral videos. For digital media marketers, understanding the science behind this type of content is vital. Forty-eight hours worth of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. How do you get noticed?

In this TED Talk, YouTube’s Trends Manager, Kevin Allocca reveals the reasons that a video goes viral: Tastemakers, Communities of Participation, and Unexpectedness.

What’s surprising about all of his examples is that none of them went viral overnight. In many cases, the videos were uploaded months before they became popular.

So, digital media marketers, you must be patient.

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