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Announcing: Simply Talk Media

Technology is profoundly changing the way we communicate. This has not happened overnight, of course. It has happened in a series of developments over several decades.

The first wave I noticed was back in 1984, when talk of an electronic newspaper became a reality for me. I was a Dow Jones Newspaper fund editing intern visiting The Wall Street Journal campus in Princeton, N.J. Sure, the tour of the new pagination system was fascinating. But it was the little side project that caught my eye: a searchable, electronic database of The Wall Street Journal.

Ten years later, the second wave: the Internet arrives, along with groundbreaking news sites like Those were fascinating times to be the competitive intelligence manager for Dow Jones Interactive, and later, Factiva.

Ten more years, and the third wave, arguably the most important: social media grabs the world’s imagination.

This shift in the way we communicate has affected not just how we talk to each other, but also how we assemble, organize, market, work, play, entertain, and much, much more. This shift is important and is just getting underway. Don’t get me started on mobile!

I forget, sometimes, how close I am to all this change, how much digital flows through my bloodstream. I’ll admit, I can get rather geeky (we geek girls, are IN, remember). I tend to think everyone is live streaming Facebook announcements.

But, I’ve learned that not everyone has time to stay ahead of the rapidly changing world of communication. Sometimes, we just want the Cliff Notes.

That’s why I’ve started Simply Talk Media, a new communications consulting firm to help small and mid-sized businesses use modern communications channels to talk to their clients, prospects, media, and community.

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