The Evolving Brand

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One of the pleasures of owning my own business is that I can infuse some of my own personality into my company’s brand. That’s what I tried to do initially when I created the Simply Talk Media name and design. Here is part of what I was thinking:

  • I like to talk, and just don’t get it when others stay silent. Most of the time, staying quiet is a poor communications strategy. So many misunderstandings could be avoided if companies reached out to the media and their stakeholders and just started talking.
  • I’ve got a water personality: Creative, adaptable, always ready to take on new challenges. Curious. Imaginative. Buoyant, yet tough. Sand in my shoes kind of girl. Plus, I just like water images – or anything to do with beaches, boats or oceans.
  • I love technology, and I’ve been in it for a lot longer than today’s Gen X or Y’ers. I’m eager to test out the latest gadget or app. Digital is in my blood.
  • I’m a people person and I genuinely like to meet new people and to help others make connections. This makes me very good at networking and influencing outcomes.

The first two attributes found their way into my brand initially. And while the name works, I came to realize that the water images just confused people. And, you see, clear communication is more important to me than an abstruse idea. What’s more, I lost a couple of tech companies as potential clients because they didn’t view me as having a technology background.

When I sat down with the Web design team at HG Media, I challenged them to create a look for my brand that articulated these personality attributes a bit more clearly. As always in this process, we went through several iterations, which I’ll share next week. Check back and I’ll tell you more.



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