Anatomy of a Redesign

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Believe it or not, Simply Talk Media has passed the first year mark of being in business. This Web site followed on the heels of the LLC. For many reasons (some of which are listed below), we’re due for a rebranding.

Simple Talk this week: Rebranding

Within the next few days, this will all look different. In the meantime, we’re going to speed you through our journey of the last couple of months, a time where you may (or may not) have noticed that we’ve been on hiatus. Lots of work, though, has been going on behind the scenes.

Simply Talk Media is emerging as a different kind of business than what I’d originally envisioned. First of all, let me say that my vision was sort of murky. Like any new entrepreneur, this last year has been all about:

  • Finding out who I am
  • Deciding who I want to be
  • Making a lot (A LOT) of mistakes
  • Understanding who my customer is
  • Getting to know my customer
  • Defining how I can help

Initially, here’s what I thought the market for Simply Talk Media might be:

  • A social media consultancy
  • For small business
  • And perhaps nonprofits
  • Oh, and startups too
  • And yeah, corporates. I’ve done a lot of corporate work.

And what could we do for this market?

  • We’d focus on developing, but not executing, social media strategy (because everyone loves to use Facebook, right?)
  • Oh, but, if you need us to write copy – blogs for example – we can do that too.
  • And media relations. Yeah, we can do that.
  • A full blown marketing and communications strategy? No problem.
  • Sure, we can edit news (those are our roots).

So the last year has been spent in experimentation. But now, we’re ready to say what Simply Talk Media can do and for whom. Check back tomorrow soon to find out what we decided.

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